The only important thing in a book is the meaning that it has for you. –W. Somerset Maugham

Friday, October 28th - 7pm - Author Reading & Signing with Schuyler Ebersol - The Paradise Paradox

The island nation of Lemuria sits alone in the middle of the North Pacific. Lemuria has long evaded the squabbling of the major world powers by staying out of their way, but no longer. The young King Austin is pioneering a new path for his country by declining a U.S. security pact and signing a trade agreement that cuts out and infuriates the major world powers. He is striking out not just for independence, but also for the power to keep it. In a few short weeks the paradise that was Lemuria is struck by terrorist attacks, riots, and is thrust onto the world stage. Read more...


Sunday, November 6th - 2pm - Author Reading & Signing with Sydney Eddison - Fragments of time: Poems of gratitude for everyday miracles

In her second volume of poetry, Sydney Eddison takes us on a journey through the seasons of life and the landscape surrounding her home of more than 55 years—a yellow farmhouse and a clearing in the woods of southern New England. However, this collection is very different from the first, more diverse in subject matter and darker in tone. While she opens our eyes to the beauty of nature, she opens our hearts with stories of heartbreak and joy, of time passing of time, and of precious moments savored. Read more...





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A highly regarded first novel that is extremely well-written and constructed. Moshfegh sucks you into Eileen's 1964 world. The novel builds in suspense with a surprising twist. I could not put Eileen down! -Tom