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Start: 2:00 pm
November 24th is Small Buisiness Saturday Come to Washington Depot for some special events to celebrate Small Businesses! Meet the authors Friday, 11/23 @ 2:00 pm: Stuart Woods, NYT bestselling mystery writer Saturday, 11/24 @ 2:00 pm: Marilyn Singer, award winning children's books writer
Start: 2:00 pm
Join the fun when Marilyn Singer visits to sign copies of Tallulah's Solo, The Boy Who Cried Alien, and A Strange Place to Call Home. Tallulah's Solo: Ballet and sibling rivalry meet head on in this sweet companion to "Tallulah's Tutu, " in which headstrong ballerina Tallulah dreams of performing a solo in a ballet performance until her little brother begins dance class and disrupts her plans. The Boy Who Cried Alien: This hilarious reimagining of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" uses meticulously composed verse, alternating points of view, and comic book elements to give the story loads of color, humor, and visual interest. A Strange Place to Call Home: In this fascinating look at 14 animals that defy the odds by thriving in Earth's most dangerous places, renowned poet Singer and celebrated artist Young show that of all the miracles of life, it is life's persistence that astounds the most.    

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