Past Events

Here are some of our previous events.

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December 2013



November 2013

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 3  Love's Attraction  Celestials

Where Were You?    On Anvil

Doing Hard Time   



October 2013

Witch of Little Italy  Is This Tomorrow  Moosewood Restaurant Favorites

Meeting Robyn  Best Women's Travel Writing  Still Writing

Tinker's Damn  Silent Night  Seance Society 



September 2013

Lion of Cortona  Promise of Living  World Without You
  If You Were a Panda Bear  The Curse
Goddess Gilda   Present Tense



August 2013

Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D



July 2013

Rhapsody in Black  The Lifeboat  Unexpected Guest

Ear of the Heart  Guy Wolff Master Potter   



June 2013

  Death in the Baltic  Look to the Stars

Mission to Mars  Reaching for the Moon  Her House

Tinseltown Riff  Sparta  Uncle John Portraits of a True Yankee Farmer  Poor Man's Feast 



May 2013

Tomatoes  Ehrick K Rossiter  More Than You Know

  Fighting for the Press  Seduction

Comfort of Lies  Between Heaven & Texas



April 2013

The Arsonist  The Sting of the Heat Bug  

Magical Journey  Tractor Mac Family Reunion



March 2013

Good House  Replacement Child  



February 2013

Remember Return Rejoice Somewhere a Bird Indiscretion 



January 2013

Selected Letters of William Styron Piano Starts Here   



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