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Author, adventurer and historian Marty Podskoch scripted a brilliant solution for fragmented families and town-tied locals. With his latest CT Travel Guidebook – The Connecticut 169 Club: Your Passport and Guide to Exploring Connecticut.  Podskoch navigates readers from out behind the blue screen, off the interstate and onto Connecticut backroads to meet and merge with fascinating neighbors and uncover cool curiosities tucked into the 169 towns and cities in the Nutmeg State. Visit them all; get your passport book signed or stamped in each of the burgs, make notes in the space provided and you’re a member of an exclusive club ­– complete with an official Leatherman patch. The patch commemorates this legendary vagabond, who during the late 1800’s – in head-to-toe leather – travelled a 365-mile circuit between the Hudson and Connecticut Rivers while camping out in caves. There is also an annual meet-up event with fellow members, plus the ultimate takeaway: a volume with indelible memories of adventures on the road! Read more...
Looking for companionship after a near-fatal car crash, Elena Mannes, an award-winning television journalist and producer, decided to get her first dog. But what she found with her dog Brio shook the foundations of her physical and spiritual worlds, sending her on a quest to discover the nature of his spiritual origins and to contemplate and seek out the possibility of interspecies communication – even after death. Read more...

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Markus Zusak's Bridge of Clay is a gorgeous story told forwards and backwards, and while you're never quite sure where it's heading, in the end you'll know it never could have been told any other way. If you loved The Book Thief, you won't be disappointed. -Emelie