2023 Winter Reading Challenge

The Gunn Memorial Library & The Hickory Stick Book Shop Present: 

The 2023 Winter Reading Challenge - Readopoly

January 23 – March 30, 2023



All ages can participate in this challenge! 

Pick up a challenge card at the library or bookstore and we will happily explain the rules to you.   You can also download the Game Board Here.

Start on Go or roll the dice to see what your challenge will be.

Write the title you use to complete each challenge on the back of the card.  * You can use the same title for multiple challenges if you wish.

Bring in your game card to either the library or bookstore to get it stamped as you complete each challenge.

Each completed challenge earns you bookopoly money to increase your chances of winning one of our prizes. 

If/when you land on any of the 4 book images, complete the activity the best you can and add it to the log on the back of the game board.

If you need help picking a book to complete a challenge the booksellers here at The Hickory Stick or the librarians up at the library will be happy to help out.  Both places have a display featuring some great titles to help you on your way.

Prize drawings will be held after March 30th!

Have fun!!