Big Books for Little People Club


Would you like to help a favorite child in your life develop a lifelong love of reading?





We can help your youngster discover new favorite books with a subscription service that delivers books to him or her on a regular basis.  All books are handpicked by us with your child in mind.

Tell us about your reader, then we pick a book that we think they'll love and ship it out to them every month, bi-monthly or however often you wish.  We wrap each book and enclose a gift card so they know who their gift is from.  We keep a record of all books we send and update our files as you keep us informed about the changing interests of the child.

The service is free, we only charge you for the book and shipping and, best of all, you don't have to lift a finger!

We also love hearing from your reader and encourage them to return the feedback card to ensure we're on track and sending them books that excite them, at the right reading level for them.

Interested in joining or just want to know more? Give us a call at 860-868-0525 and we'll happily discuss your requirements and get you set up.

Click here to view and print the Big Books Form