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A Contemporary, Time slip Family Mystery - with a pinch of Paranormal
Locked & Found is the first of three in the Lockheart Mysteries series.

Jess Warren's life has more dramas than Netflix, but her dreams of becoming an actress are over when her family returns to Scotland to live. Stuck in the back sticks of Aberdeenshire, Jess finds herself stranded in a creepy loft with her deceptively demure cousin, Ella Lockheart.

After a heart-pounding paranormal encounter, Jess is adamant she wants nothing more to do with what they've found. But Ella, used to getting what she wants, is not about to give up on Jess so easily.
If Jess has any hope of fitting in to her new life in the country, then she'll have to accept a different kind of drama; one that makes no sense, is completely unpredictable, and may not come with the happy ending she longs for.
Together, the girls must use every key they have to unlock their family's hidden secrets and see if the Lockheart family really is as unbreakable as their parents believe.

If you like your heart strings pulled, family saga mysteries, and a touch of romance, then you will love moving to Scotland with Jess and her family in, LOCKED & FOUND.
The assortment of adventures both sweet and savoury, will melt your heart and leave you eager to experience another Lockheart Mystery.

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What readers are saying:

"A well written story that unfolds as cousins, Jess & Ella, search for answers about a strange set of keys. Glimpsing the story from the past & present, you'll journey along with them to uncover the truth."
Lauren B

"I was pulled into the story right away. I'm always a fan of a great mystery. I really liked how I got to discover the information along with Jess - Great Fun "
Kristine W

"Two girls find a magical set of keys, taking them on a journey of a lifetime. A modern day story with a twist of fantasy that will leave you breathless until the end.."
Amy B

"Great Story. Lovable Characters. A delightful read."

Michelle M

"I want to read the next one. I love these kinds of books - they were my favourite kind to read when I was growing up."
Marcia K

"A really enjoyable and easy read. The characters are sympathetically described and I could relate to them. I loved the suspense."
Sue W

Product Details
ISBN: 9780473452827
ISBN-10: 0473452820
Publisher: Tales from the Tea Cup Publishing
Publication Date: October 28th, 2018
Pages: 384
Language: English