The Invisible Girl: The True Story of an Unheard Voice (Paperback)

The Invisible Girl: The True Story of an Unheard Voice By Torey Hayden Cover Image
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From the bestselling author of One Child comes The Invisible Girl, a deeply moving true account of a young teen with a troubling obsession and an extraordinary educational psychologist's sympathy and determination.

Eloise is a vibrant and charming young teen with a deeply caring nature, but she also struggles with a troubling obsession. She’s been moved from home to home, and her social workers have difficulty dealing with her habit of running away. After experiencing violence, neglect, and sexual abuse from people she should have been able to trust, Eloise has developed complex behavioral needs. She struggles to separate fact from fiction, leading to confusion for the social workers trying to help her. After Torey learns of Eloise's background she hopes that some gentle care and attention can help Eloise gain some sense of security in her life.

Can Torey and the other social workers provide the loving attention that has so far been missing in Eloise's life, or will she run away from them too?

About the Author

Torey Hayden is an educational psychologist and a special education teacher who, since 1979, has chronicled her struggles in the classroom in a succession of bestselling books including One Child, Twilight Children, Beautiful Child, and Ghost Girl. By sharing these stories she brings awareness to how much difference a kind word and listening ear can make to a child in need. Torey is American by birth but lives in the UK. 25 million copies of Torey's books have sold worldwide.
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ISBN: 9781509864522
ISBN-10: 1509864520
Publisher: Bluebird
Publication Date: November 5th, 2021
Pages: 320
Language: English