An Unforgettable Day (Hardcover)

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An Unforgettable Day reflects a family's emotional rollercoaster day after a massive snowstorm unexpectedly shuts down the local school. The read becomes an excellent teaching moment for parents concerning their child's safety and the importance of good communication. Excitement accelerates as Lang's two young daughters, Patti and Tresie, quickly develop a plan with friends to build a snow fort on the golf course across the street. Their goal was for No One to EVER find their castle, including their mother, as they were unwilling to give up their secret. However, their dream turns into a disaster as the fort collapses and buries the four children. Not only was the tunnel filled with snow, but the entire room, as well. Facing life and death danger, Patti takes command by trying to calm the kids. "Try not to cry, or panic, we have to conserve air. I'm sure when we don't show up for lunch, mom will come and find us." Patti prayed, but inside she was frightened to death and knew her mother had no idea of where to look. The four children pushed and pushed on the hard snow, but to no avail as their fright turned into terror.

Almost as a premonition, panic set in Mrs. Lang's mind when the children failed to show for lunch. Immediately she sent her eldest daughter, Julie to search for the missing children, but in a short time returned without them. Now, fearful she immediately calls Mr. Lang, their son, Thad, and Danny's mothers to alert them. Soon, the entire neighborhood became involved by forming a search party. After successive attempts to find the missing children, FEAR becomes paramount as a feeling of hopelessness spreads throughout. As an ACT from God, the family dog, Casey, shows up and began searching for her favorite cushion that Tresie had taken from their home to use in the fort. Casey becomes the HERO by saving the children on this Unforgettable Day. CASEY had quickly changed the search party's emotions from FEAR and HOPELESSNESS to HOPE and LOVE by creating the possibilities of "Good things happening."

What a DAY Throughout, the children's book, An Unforgettable Day, the narrative of family love, teamwork, and especially the Lang's adorable dog, Casey, resonates with an array of emotions.

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ISBN: 9781532396137
ISBN-10: 1532396139
Publisher: Winning Inc. of America
Publication Date: January 27th, 2020
Pages: 32
Language: English