Fighting Castro: A Love Story (Paperback)

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The true story of a young Cuban doctor imprisoned by Castro as a resistance leader. His wife must choose between staying in Cuba to help her husband survive prison and taking their three young children to freedom in Miami. The book intertwines the story of his iron will in enduring Castro's brutality with his wife's struggles in a deteriorating Havana where she is treated as the wife of a traitor. A portrait of life under Castro and of an extraordinary couple whose relationship evolves and deepens as they live with the consequences of their decisions. Kay Abella is a professional journalist, author, and editor who has been a magazine journalist in New York and in France where she worked as a translator and journalist for the Chicago Tribune. She has published two non-fiction books, one on professional development and one on Jungian type. She is now a full-time writer of fiction and nonfiction, living in Connecticut with her Cuban-American husband.
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ISBN: 9781595941466
ISBN-10: 1595941460
Publisher: WingSpan Press
Publication Date: April 2007
Pages: 360
Language: English