Sugar: The World Corrupted: From Slavery to Obesity (Paperback)

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How did sugar grow from prize to pariah? Acclaimed historian James Walvin looks at the history of our collective sweet tooth, beginning with the sugar grown by enslaved people who had been uprooted and shipped vast distances to undertake the grueling labor on plantations. The combination of sugar and slavery would transform the tastes of the Western world.

Prior to 1600, sugar was a costly luxury, the domain of the rich. But with the rise of the sugar colonies in the New World over the following century, sugar became cheap, ubiquitous, and an everyday necessity. Less than fifty years ago, few people suggested that sugar posed a global health problem. And yet today, sugar is regularly denounced as a dangerous addiction, on a par with tobacco.

Masterfully insightful and probing, James Walvin reveals the relationship between society and sweetness over the past two centuries-- and how it explains our conflicted relationship with sugar today.

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ISBN: 9781643132303
ISBN-10: 164313230X
Publisher: Pegasus Books
Publication Date: September 10th, 2019
Pages: 352
Language: English