Kid Confidence Parent's Guide: Develop Confidence in Your Kids with Activities to Boost Their Self-Esteem & Resilience (Paperback)

Kid Confidence Parent's Guide: Develop Confidence in Your Kids with Activities to Boost Their Self-Esteem & Resilience By Kate Gildon Cover Image
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Yes, we all want our children to have a positive self-image, to make friends easily without excessive anxiety with new people.

A happy child feels strong enough to try to solve problems on their own but recognizes their limitations and is ready to ask for help if needed. This doesn't mean he will never have issues or failures, but he will be able to admit mistakes, learn from them, not feel threatened by loss, try new things, and adapt to change.

Yes, I might say, "that's easy to say but so much not to do."

Maybe you've noticed your child's relational difficulties or excessive self-criticism, and you worry about his future....

It's true, it's hard to know what preteen boys are thinking, and we often notice changes and attitudes that slowly push them to isolate themselves from the rest of their friends and even from us.

So what's the best way to figure out the real root problem and solve it together without being too invasive or overwhelming? And how can you help them build their self-esteem for the rest of their lives?

In this comprehensive and in-depth guide, you'll become aware of how to improve your parenting and help your child develop resilience to difficulties, stability, and self-esteem.

Through this guide, you will be able to:

● Prevent your children from becoming socially isolated, and help them make friends without being overwhelming or intrusive,

● Figure out the most effective way to teach them how to handle disappointments and not be too self-critical and perfectionistic, letting them know that failure is part of the journey,

● Convey the sense of resilience that will allow them to get out of any situation by fighting the feeling of helplessness and indecision,

● Uncovering the most common mistakes not to make if you don't want to undermine your child's self-esteem and emotional balance,

● 10 strategies to help your child develop self-esteem and a growth mindset, with tools and activities you can do together to improve communication, problem-solving skills and boost their self-esteem,

● 7 psychological tricks also used by experts to help children build robust resilience and healthy self-esteem that will accompany them as they grow and prepare them to be brilliant adults

And so much more

I can't wait to be a part of your child's transformation

So, if your children's well-being and happiness are the things you hold most dear, then click on "Buy Now" to free them from negative thoughts and impart the self-esteem they need.

In return, you will be able to see the gratitude in their smile and their new strong-willed personality.

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