True Crime Case Histories - (Books 4, 5, & 6): 36 Disturbing True Crime Stories (3 Book True Crime Collection) (Hardcover)

True Crime Case Histories - (Books 4, 5, & 6): 36 Disturbing True Crime Stories (3 Book True Crime Collection) By Jason Neal Cover Image
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36 True Crime Stories of Murder & Mayhem

Readers love this series - More than 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Volumes 4, 5, and 6 of the True Crime Case Histories Series (2021)

A quick word of warning. The true crime short stories within this three book collection are unimaginably gruesome. Most news articles and television true crime shows skim over the vile details of truly horrible crimes. In my books I don't gloss over the facts, regardless of how disgusting they may be. I try to give my readers a clear and accurate description on just how demented the killers really were. I do my best not to leave anything out. The stories included in these books are not for the squeamish.What you are about to read are Volumes 4, 5, and 6 of the True Crimes Case Histories Series. The stories in this collection will make you realize just how fragile the human mind can be.

A sampling of the 36 stories include:

The Darlington Cannibal: The story of a young English man that had plans to become the UK's most notorious serial killer, but couldn't keep his mouth shut after his first kill and bragged to over twenty of his friends.

The Carnival Cult: A group of four young men who believed they could do anything they wanted because their lord Satan protected them. Satan apparently couldn't protect them from prison.

Dead in the Water: A father of eight children lured women to his boat, raped them, and threw them overboard. Ingenious forensic science was eventually used to catch the killer.

Consumed by Desire: One story of a young man that couldn't handle being rejected by his teenage girlfriend was suggested to me by a reader whose daughter had a close-call with the killer.

The Crossbow Killer: A young, intelligent man that would rather kill his entire family with a crossbow than tell his girlfriend that he had been lying to her.

Divine Justice: a young girl that ran away from her Seattle home in the 1970s. For thirty years, her parents believed she was a victim of Ted Bundy, until the real killer was finally caught.

The Broomstick Killer: The Texas Penal System failed to protect the people of Texas by releasing a brutal killer of three teenagers. As a result he killed as many as eleven more women.

Body in the Bag: A young man obsessed with the macabre listened to the voices in his head when his teenage girlfriend dumped him. Authorities found her eight weeks later stuffed inside a duffel bag.

The Copper Gulch Killer: A sixteen-year-old prodigy child is found with five gunshots from three different guns, but police are convinced there was only one killer. Ten years later crime scene evidence is found in an abandoned storage locker.

Zack and Addie: A young New Orleans couple are featured in the New York Times when they refused to leave their French Quarter home during Hurricane Katrina. One year later they're both dead with body parts found on the stove and in the fridge.

The Incest Killer: Katie Fusco learned she she was adopted when she was eighteen. Within a year she was married to her biological father and pregnant with his child. When authorities force them apart, everybody dies.

The Kicevo Monster: The story of the newspaper reporter that kidnapped, tortured, and butchered women that resembled his mother, then wrote stories of the killings in his newspaper articles.

Plus 21 more truly disturbing true crime stories.

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