Everything is Perfect - A Memoir (Paperback)

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The true story of a one woman caught in one of the most riveting, talked about political scandals of our generation

Seven years into her second marriage, Kate Nason discovered her husband was cheating on her. Then, the unimaginable happened. She woke to the news that one of her husband's "other women" was at the center of a national scandal. The press surrounded her home, clamoring for details, and quickly transformed Kate's private heartbreak into public humiliation.

Nason's memoir uncovers the little-known side of a well- known story, unveiling a cautionary tale about the ways we deceive ourselves when we allow ourselves to be deceived by those we love. Everything Is Perfect is an intimate reveal of infidelity, gaslighting, and the silent wife at the press conference. Nason explores the roles women inhabit throughout their lives, how they carry trauma, and the lengths they'll go to protect their children and save themselves. It's a fierce and often funny self-reckoning, a meditation on learning to trust one's intuition, and a case study of how one woman undid a bad "I do."

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ISBN: 9798986844015
Publisher: Marymarymary LLC
Publication Date: October 18th, 2022
Pages: 260
Language: English