Book Signing - Rebekah Diamond, Parent Like A Pediatrician

Join us as we welcome Dr Rebekah Diamond for a book signing on Saturday October 8th at 3.00 pm.

From an Experienced Pediatrician and a Working Mom, Science-Based, Mom-Approved, Real-World Advice to Empower Parents During Baby’s Crucial First Year.

As a pediatric professor at Columbia University, Dr. Rebekah Diamond’s many years of clinical training and practice means she is immersed and up to date on the latest scientific data and studies. She knows what her professional peers say are the safest and best choices for parents to make for their children.  As the mother of a young daughter, Dr. Diamond also knows firsthand the challenge of sorting through reams of information much of it wrong or just plain confusing, and conflicting pediatrician and internet recommendations.

PARENT LIKE A PEDIATRICIAN (on-sale September 27, 2022) combines Dr. Diamond’s authoritative, expert advice with real-world applications for busy, overwhelmed new parents and a voice that’s reassuring and realistic. This is the book Diamond wished she had when she was starting out as a new mom, searching for a more balanced overview of evidence-based advice, with the expertise of a pediatrician and the experience of a real-life, really harried millennial mother. Covering three separate stages in baby’s first year, each of the book’s 20 chapters features key takeaway points, when you’re at those frantic new-parent moments when you need a quick refresher on what to do, or just a reminder that you’re doing fine.

PARENT LIKE A PEDIATRICIAN provides easy-to-digest information on baby’s first year, including:
• A slogan-free approach to breastfeeding, a surprisingly nuanced topic;
• Colic, reflux, and baby fuss;
• Deciphering the rainbow colors of baby poop, and dealing with diaper rash;
• The vaccine “debate” and everything you need to know;
• Sleep training and letting your baby cry it out;
• Books, TV, and language-learning;
• Myths and facts about bedtime, back-to-sleep, and napping;
• Baby teeth and hygiene for small smiles;
• Milestones and nurturing development without unnecessary stress;
• The truth about vitamins, supplements, and “alternative” products;
• Plus Dr. Diamond’s final send-off into a sane and safe toddlerhood!

Whether you’re expecting, just checked out of the hospital or are learning the ropes as new parents, PARENT LIKE A PEDIATRICIAN is a handbook of science-based, mom-approved, practical advice from a doctor and a parent busy raising her own kids, written to help you make the safest, sanest choices for your little ones.

About The Author -

Dr. Rebekah Diamond (Montclair, NJ) is a pediatric hospitalist in New York City and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Columbia University. She received her undergraduate degree from Yale University, and then her M.D. from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Her medical expertise has been featured in dozens of websites including Scary Mommy, Parents, Forbes, Time, ABC News, Little Spoon, The Boston Globe, Giddy, Healthline, and USA Today.  Diamond is also a working mother and the founder of the website,, which gives realistic, safe guidance that pediatrician parents follow themselves. Follow Dr. Diamond on Instagram:


Books will be available to purchase at the event.  If you are unable to attend but would like a copy of the book you can order via our website below or call us on (860) 868 0525.


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Saturday, October 8, 2022 - 3:00pm
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2 Green Hill Road
Washington Depot, CT 06794
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Published: Citadel - September 27th, 2022