Litchfield Country Journal

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How can we relate to wildlife on Earth? These essays explore the strange design and splendor of wild nature around us and share the wonder of the natural world, as well as the consequence for the human species.

From the Litchfield Country Journal:

“It is in the wholeness and complexity of life, in the remarkable phenomena that take place in wild nature, that I have discovered a source of wonder and love.

The existential predicament of all life on earth is that we are together, all refugees on this solitary planet spinning in space and that there is no other place. This predicament is no less descriptive in my comparatively domesticated corner of northwest Connecticut than it is in the most remote wilderness on the earth. It is no less true now when I program my smart phone than it was when our ancestors picked up that first stone tool. So, I have sought to learn from, and find wonder in, the wildness around me.

By paying attention, all of us, even those of us living in great cities, can find wildness close at hand. There may be a chance, albeit remote, that we may now love wildness enough to save it…”

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